Friday, March 1, 2013

See you soon!

Hey guys, Jordan here.The Food World have come up with an agreement to give you the most fun and reliable experience on Food World possible.This will take a while to achieve and we don't want you to play a buggy, very much unfinished game.Let's think of the last while as the "Feedback" stages, like comparing Penguin Chat 3 and Club Penguin.Feedback has been outstanding and we are very grateful for that.When you log back on to Food World in a couple of months, you will see a completely new, revamped Food World.Very reliable servers.Please stay tuned in the coming months for updates and official launch dates and what we have been doing.You can expect a large number of different features to be added when we officially launch but one thing we are working on is: A Food World animated web series written by myself and animated by the amazingly talented Food World lead Art Director, Aidan.Another thing is a completely revamped website.Quite honestly, I think we will launch officially in May at the very least.Anyway, stay tuned and thank you very much for your interest in our world.

-The Food World Team
A.K.A Aidan & Jordan

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eircom Junior Spider Awards

Hey Food, Jordan here.Just want to give you guys a quick update.Food World are entrants in the Eircom Junior Spider Awards.Jordan, what are the "Eircom Junior Spider awards?" Well, the Eircom Junior Spiders are basically the internet awards for kids, in Ireland.Because Food World is a website, I think it would be great to enter it.So, I did.The entries close tomorrow (Friday) so that's why I'm telling you about it.So, the shortlists are being announced soon.It would be awesome for Food World to be even shortlisted for this award, considering we are still quite a young website.The next patch will be released tomorrow (Friday) and it will include the newspaper and the map (which won't have a lot of stuff on it) then next Friday, expect our new "area".Unfortunately, due to me going to a conference in Germany this week, Food World will not be up from Monday-Thursday next week.Sorry guys

To The Junior Spiders Judges:
Please note that Food World's server will be not be up from Monday 11th Feb. - Thursday 14th Feb. Food World's servers will then be up on Thursday 14th of Feb. from 6pm-12am, Friday 9am-12am, Saturday 9:00am-11:30pm to 3:00pm-12am. Sunday: 9am-10:00pm. All other days: Monday-Wednesday: 6:30pm - 10:pm Thursday 4:00pm-10:00pm, Friday: 4:00pm-1:00am, Saturday:9:00am-11:30pm to 3:00pm-12am, Sunday: 9am-10:00pm    Sorry about the inconvenience, Food World does not yet have a full 24/7 server.We expect to get one soon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's coming up?

Hey guys, Jordan here.I want to apologize because we are a little off schedule.I have been very very very busy recently and I haven't had time to do a lot.So, Food World's status is now Beta!...ish.Meaning we are sort of there and sort of not..
We are beta as in the game is playable and we know how we want the game to turn out

We are ...ish as in we have no registration systems, a dedicated server(In the works)

So, when will we have these?
Soon! We are thinking of launching an official, professional PROPER Beta party (with a very very special guest, somewhat of a party master!)

So, what's new?

Food World was featured on

Food World is on!!

Café and Newspaper launching soon.

Thanks Guys!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food World Server Maintenance - Mimo - Register

Hey guys, Jordan here.I've got good news and bad news.

Let's start with the bad news

  • The servers will be down starting this Friday (25th Jan) to Wednesday (30th Jan) due to Server maintenance. We are doing this because, if you log on to Food World most of the time the game is down, this downtime will make Food World be online 24/7.
Now, to the good news
  • On Thursday next we will be launching registration systems
  • Mimo Games are coming to Food World (more details soon)

See you later guys! 

Stay Tuned


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Food World Update: Servers

Hey guys, Jordan here.Food World servers will unfortunately be down tonight and possibly a few other nights unless we fix this problem & hopefully, thanks to our friend PositiveAlf  the problem will be solved soon.The problem is we have a desktop running downstairs and im trying to run the server off of that, because I currently run the server off my laptop.In the night and a lot of the day, my laptop is off, therefore my server is off, etc.As for my computer downstairs, it's on 24/7 meaning the server will be on 24/7.Understand? Thanks guys

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BETA Party Tomorrow!

Taken from the Official Casey Games Blog:

"Hey guys, Jordan here.As you may have read, Food World went  into Alpha last Friday and so to celebrate we hosted an Alpha party.The whole reason of the Alpha party was to find bugs & receive feedback from the yours. 99% of Feedback was amazing, and we are very proud of that.What we had planned to do was close for a week (but we decided to keep Alpha online), work on bugs and new updates and launch Beta the following Friday.So, yes that's exactly what we are doing.Tomorrow, we are launching BETA and yes... we probably will be hosting a party.So, is Food World's temporary domain.The BETA version will be pushed to the main game at about 7pm. What can you expect?
  • A new avatar
  • 2 new rooms (basically 1, as 1 of them is under construction)
  • ALL the major bugs have been fixed, expect a 99% bug free version of the game.
  • Unfortunately, we haven't had time to create a registration system, but expect that in the next week.(P.S to know whether it's me and not some im-poster, I will have an exclusive avatar of me, here's what I look like:

Cool, huh? So, what do I get out of the BETA party? Well, we will keep a list of all the people who attend this party and when Food World goes out of Beta and has registration systems, you will receive the exclusive BETA item.Also, we will be announcing some MASSIVE GIGANTIC AMAZING news at sed party.See you tomorrow :)

P.S Food World Alpha is available now:|"

Friday, January 11, 2013