About Food World and the team

Food World is an Irish online virtual world for kids and is a subsidiary of Casey Games.It consists of 13 year old Jordan Casey who will produce, program and co-design the game and 15 year old Aidan Blackett who will be the lead art director of the game.


Jordan Casey is a 13 year old self thought programmer from Waterford, Ireland.He is the Founder & CEO of Casey Games, which he founded in January 2012.He has created some "App Store hits" all of them appearing in at the least top 25 games in Ireland.His most successful game is Alien Ball VS Humans.In January 2011, Casey came up with the idea for a virtual world called Food World.But, he lacked both design skills and programming skills to create such a game.He attempted the game once again in January 2012 when he founded Casey Games.After a month of attempting to fix server problems, he gave up and decided to work on his first iPhone app.In late 2012, Casey once again decided to attempt the game, and went to one of the best young game artists in the kid game development industry, Aidan Blackett.The 2 started development of the game and a Pre-Alpha was built and released in early January 2013, over 2 years after Casey came up with the idea for the game.You can find Jordan on Food World, his username is normally "Jordan", but if somebody seems to be pretending to be Jordan, the real one will have the following exclusive avatar:

Aidan Blackett is a 15-year old animator and designer, who currently lives in Carlisle, England. His interests in designing first began when he created a Club Penguin account and wondered how such a game was possible to create. After a bit of investigation, he started to design simple things such as buttons for websites, and soon developed many skills which would help him to become the Lead Art Designer at Casey Games. Aidan uses Adobe Flash CS6 for drawing and animating, and a Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet. If you spot Aidan on Food World, say hi! He uses the following exclusive avatar:

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