Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome To The Official Food World Blog

Hello, Jordan Casey here.Welcome to the official Food World Blog.Here we will supply sneak peeks, updates and meetup information on this new virtual world based in a giant kitchen.With the programming skills of myself and the amazing artwork by Aidan Blackett we plan to make this a kick-ass game.We will be hiring mods soon and community bloggers are welcome to create blogs, we will showcase them.There is no official launch date for the game, but we plan to launch very very very very soon & we will have an alpha party! Where all the players will meet-up and have fun.To stay updated read this blog or follow Aidan or Myself on Twitter.

Stay posted!


  1. 3 questions.

    Will it be free?
    Is there a date for the Alph Party?
    Can I record it and upload it to YouTube?


  2. 2 things. First, I would like to ask all the questions that Ciaran asked. Second, I think a name change would be in order. I think the idea is great, but the name, "Food World" sounds sort of amateur. Thats all. :)


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